High quality, comprehensive upholstery services


Since 1987 W.G Upholstery re-covers, repairs, refurbishes and reupholsters modern and antique furniture. Our work extends to classic cars, aviation, marine trimming and yacht upholstery.

We strive for the highest standards in upholstery craftsmanship, either sourcing materials from a vast range of fabrics, leather and vinyl or applying customer supplied materials. Every project is bespoke, worthy of a better than new reupholstered finish, and restored for another lifetime.

Iconic furniture re-upholstered to craftmanship quality
"1st class company!! Fantastic service!! Quality products used!! Would and will recommend 100%"Carmen B.
comlete furniture upholstery service
dining chair upholstery


We always check the integrity of the furniture frame and supporting upholstery and if required, straighten and strengthen the upholstery base. Any replacement webbing, springs and padding will be specified to the best quality. This complete upholstery and reupholstery process ensures the quality and durability of the end result.

Location & Logistics

Our workshop is between Chipperfield and Kings Langley, we have a fully interior upholstered VW Transporter van for furniture pick-up and delivery. We also provide a mobile service for upholstery detail repairs and on-site upholstery for large or fixed furniture for private, commercial and hospitality work.

New upholstery springs stitched and sprung in
classic furniture upholstery

‘A keen eye for detail and finesse covering furniture, classic cars, aircraft and marine craft.’

"W.G Upholstery is clearly at master craftsman level, the attention to detail and finish is excellent. These chairs are better upholstered than when we bought them."G. Jones
car trimming craftsmanship
High quality leather trimming and upholstery