Furniture upholstery project detail

Furniture Upholstery

"WG's upholstery work changed what was a neglected old side chair in to our new favourite – it's so smart and comfortable."Bensons
Fama reclining armchair reupholstered
"After 35 years, re-upholstered to perfection."Mrs. D, St. Albans
"Beautifully upholstered dining chairs in leather transforming them. Brilliant work."Ian F.
"A real matching pair, I am really surprised at how well they've turned out. The pattern match is nigh on perfect – very well done Warren!"Mr. D.P.
"Warren recovered our sofa, chairs & foot stools… now its a brand new suite. Really, really pleased with how it looks, super comfy and great service. Would highly recommend." Jeanie
"Oh how very smart they've turned out, I never have imagined they'd come out this good"Ms. Pritchard