Furniture upholstery project detail

Furniture Upholstery

Rolf Benz sofa re-upholstered
"...the workmanship matched or surpassed the German manufacturer's original quality. So refreshing when something you commit to exceeds your expectations."G.N.
Classic lounge chairs reupholstered
"Remarkable work by Warren, the reupholstery work superbly meets George Smith's high quality. Very happy, very comfortable, and very well done."Sir M.F.
George Smith handmade furniture brand label
Eva armchair by Bruno Mathsson
Spoon back chair reupholstery
"WG's upholstery work changed what was a neglected old side chair in to our new favourite – it's so smart and comfortable."Bensons
Fama reclining armchair reupholstered
Wall panel upholstery
Dining chair re-upholstered in leather
"From average to splendid, upgraded and far better than they were new. Delighted!"E. Brock
Grey leather suede sofa
Dining chairs recovered in very high quality leather
"Beautifully upholstered dining chairs in leather transforming them. Brilliant work."Ian F.
Scandinavian design classic chairs reupholstered
"After 35 years, re-upholstered to perfection."Mrs. D, St. Albans
Parker Knoll reupholstery
Parker Knoll 713 armchair reupholstered
"A real matching pair, I am really surprised at how well they've turned out. The pattern match is nigh on perfect – very well done Warren!"Mr. D.P.
Wing armchair reupholstery in fabric
Armchair reupholstered in corduroy
"Thank you! Now she looks like a proper chair again, fantastic."Mr. P.
Lounge chair reupholstered
"Oh how very smart they've turned out, I never have imagined they'd come out this good"Ms. Pritchard
Sofa suite reupholstered
"Warren recovered our sofa, chairs & foot stools… now its a brand new suite. Really, really pleased with how it looks, super comfy and great service. Would highly recommend." Jeanie
Club chairs in leather
Leather sofa reupholstered
"Our favourite sofa re-upholstered and better than when it was new – I love it even more now."Ms. Smith
Art Deco club chair reupholstered in leather