Upholstery and trimming leather

Upholstery Leather

Leather types

Upholstery and trimming leather is specified in four general types; aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented and suede (as shown). These terms refer to the dye and coating processes each go through to produce the finished hide. Other descriptions such as 'full grain', 'top grain' and 'corrected grain' refer to surface treatments. There are more details about this below. We source select suppliers of leather hides in varying quality and price ranges.

Purpose and style

Specialist leather suppliers and curriers provide customers with a varied range of quality, style and price. Our finest, the best in the country, only hand-select the top 10% of hides available. Depending on the application and usage wear, different leathers will be better suited than others. The beauty of leather is that it is a natural product, characterised by its grain variation, tactility and wear patina that evolves over time.

Semi-aniline leather swatch
Pigmented leather swatch
Leather character examples
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